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The Green Lobby

Greetings Readers

Greens and the Green lobby continue to get prominent publicity for their policies and wishes, which are further exacerbating the current uneasy relationship between food processors - marketers and consumers.

It seems that nothing is new and the demands the pro GE free lobby have much the same characteristics of the legislation put in place at the time of the introduction of steam driven railway. Trains were to be preceded by a man walking ahead waving a red flag to warn of the danger!

It is distressing that the fundamentals of the ‘health protecting’ changes being promoted by the greens in a market driven environment requires the existing primary food producers to risk an expensive mistake by taking the wrong route in trying to match future market demand.

Organic style production has been shown to be an ill-defined term that means different things to different consumers. Even ‘chemical free’ has to be a misnomer simply because of the nature of the elements and compounds that the building blocks of all plant and animal products.

The Green lobby understands the power of emotive communication through a modern media to a paranoid public and is out maneuvering farmer producers. Farmers appear to be arriving on the scene with too little to late in terms of being able to counter embryonic urban myths, which seem to be stock in trade of the Green lobby.

Finally, for farmers, production is a commercial decision and the well being of rural communities will rest on selection of a form of production that has income stability.

Good farming

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