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Seasons End

Greetings Readers

Minus five-degree frost in the Manawatu this morning – a dramatic reminder that an Indian summer always comes to an end.

Rainfall for May is close to 150mm making the autumn drought a thing of the past even though the effects will remain well into next spring.

Last year was seen as an exception for the majority of farmers. Good growth, rising prices and disbelief at the season’s success was a heady mix.

But the season just past has eclipsed that previous season for growth, prices and optimism for most farmers. It will have lifted some commercial constraints or presented the opportunity for development or expansion but most of all it will have presented choices

Time for a little self-congratulation, a little self indulgence perhaps. Being a farmer has its rewards and the season just passing may have been an exception but never the less a welcome exception.

Life is good. Accept the rewards but plan for the future

Good farming

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