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Dairy Leadership Needs to Smarten Up

Greetings Readers

What a disappointment to see the chairman designate of NZ’s yet to be formed, biggest company, on last night’s TV news, counter rational argument with a peasants logic. “Me and my mates know better than you and your mates” - and then confirm the shallowness of his position by stating that he knew he was right because he was an uneducated man.

Mr Roadley is certainly more capable than his performance portrayed him but regrettably perception is reality, because his reasoned objectivity and leadership qualities did not show through on the news item.

The shareholders who have been told so often that they have the final say on the industries future should be urgently considering how they could reign in the madness that now seems to be enveloping the industries unsteady intentions.

Instead of a steady development of consensus for the merger, the past month has seen a disastrous fragmentation of intention set in, which, by all accounts is set to break out further in the next two weeks.

The ugly industry politics of the past have no place in the merged future of the industry. GlobalCo’s success will come from doing “good business” and ensuring complete attention to detail in the market place. The executives of the merger must be made confident that any factionalism won’t distract or disrupt them from their task.

Factional interests cannot be allowed to divert the industry from its current task. That task is the safe and equitable transfer of the assets of the industry from under the umbrella of compulsory export acquisition and milk supply control into an open market environment where farmers come and go according to the opportunities available.

Dairying is not the only game on the block. A timely reminder came out of the south this week. Sheep returns have also lifted substantially in the past season. Merger or no merger from the coming vote, farming is driven by the profitable use of land.

The fact that the dairy industry has been held in the countries spotlight in the recent past does not confirm it will continue to hold that position in the future. Industry shareholders must ensure the industry assets are carefully husbanded through this next period of unnecessary industry guerrilla warfare.

Good farming

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