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Vote For The Dairy Merger

Greetings Readers

For all the reasons that have been discussed over the past months shareholders should see the importance of a vote for the merger.

It is an imperfect world we work in and the merger will ensure that the industry resources built up by the industry since compulsory export purchase was introduced in the 1930’s are equitably shared amongst all farmers. It is certain that the initiators of the guaranteed price all those years ago would not have foreseen the outcome of their initiative.

The equity of the use of those resources as a result of this final merger completes that cycle. It may not be a perfect answer and the nit pickers will have a glorious period of “I told you so” as the stresses of pulling together such a large merger show through but it certainly places all shareholders on an equal footing at the start of a new cycle.

Whatever the outcome on Monday it is farewell to something that was familiar and stable. Export prices based on product cost averaging systems of the past served farmers well by ensuring manufacturing efficiencies were always under review and farm gate payout always lay in a narrow band. That security blanket is now cast aside. Lets hope the current generation of shareholders is as equally determined to discipline their new industry.

Good farming

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