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Satellite Imaging and Pastoral Production

Greetings Readers

Practical application of new Technology to farming often has the characteristics of sharp salesmen making pushy sales to ignorant buyers unaware of the limitations or impractical uses of the product. Rather in keeping with a certain Toyota advertisement.

News of a system of pasture measurement using satellite imaging technology developed by the CSIRO which is now capable of providing farmers with accurate, up-to-date information about the condition of their pastures over the internet has the basis of a significant break through if it proves to be all that is claimed.

Over the years there have been various tools devised to enable pastoral farmers to come to grips with managing the amount of feed they have available for grazing, its current rate of growth and with an overlay of its quality or energy value.

Long have been the arguments about the necessity for preciseness in feed budgeting and management and even the odd patronizing farm advisor claiming that farmers wouldn’t know what to do with the knowledge if it was collected.

The CSIRO has pulled together something that if satellite imaging can be used in the manner suggested and the cost is reasonable, it will put a very powerful tool in the hands of the on farm decision maker.

While it is traditional to claim that the best fertiliser was the farmer’s boots walking round ensuring he knew what was happening on his farm. This new way of collecting data puts a much more efficient and objective measurement system in place in so far as knowing what is happening to the farms primary resource – pasture.

That objectivity married up with a systems approach to livestock grazing management opens up possibilities for improved performance in pastoral livestock production.

Good farming

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