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Who Owns 'Clean & Green'

Greetings Readers

This past week has shown that organic producers and the Greens are setting out with a purpose to highjack New Zealand’s current international tagline – clean and green.

It is presumptuous and dangerous that this minor group of producers and lobbyists should set out to claim the term as theirs and if they don’t achieve that objective they will set about petulantly discrediting the term and also it usefulness in terms of the rest of New Zealand’s producers.

The term – clean and green – is not the real issue as tag lines tends to get discarded in the course of time but the real issue is the perverse deliberate destruction of the reputation of all New Zealand products by deliberate mischief making.

By playing on the emotional aspects of the implications of the GE Commission report the green lobby seems to be doing their utmost to destroy the reputation of NZ as a producer of healthy food. For that is what we do produce.

Their liberal use of the words toxins and poisons to describe any produce they consider not produced by their so called natural methods is a folly when such a high proportion of the beef and lamb produced from North Island hill country is apart from a stock worm drenching regime produced in an environment that in many cases exceeds accepted organic standards.

Its time the greens woke up to the fact that their behaviours are obsessive and planning the destruction of an existing industries position in the market by comparative promotion is simply standard tactics to gain competitive market positioning for self centered commercial interests and not the ‘we know the only truth’ gift to mankind that they claim drives their campaign.

Its time to restate that New Zealand’s food meets the high standards required by the markets that we sell in. The greens and our customers need to be reminded that all producers are aware of the requirements of markets for the best standards for environmental, animal welfare, biotechnology, food safety and occupational health and safety issues to underpin all our production. And these standards are being developed and implemented at the same rate that the so called organic producers are developing.

The stealthy stealing of New Zealand’s general image of quality production built up over the years by this new group of alternate standard food producers is not acceptable. But even worse, it is theft for the benefit of a small group of opportunists hoping to profit from misinformation and ignorance in the market place.

Good farming

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