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That Environment thing Again!

Greetings Readers

Misinformation, progressing to lies and deceit has become the stock in trade of the parties that make up the environmental lobby. They have taken on the madness of a Don Quixote by creating a cause where no problem exists.

Yesterdays Ministry of Environment report of billions of dollars of losses based on a shonky market survey shows how threatening this group has become, to the hard earned international image of New Zealand as a producer of wholesome foods.

The fact that such a destructive report could be produced by the environment ministry shows how far this group of zealots have infiltrated government structures to the detriment of producers.

Farming has always been about bending nature for the benefit of mankind.

It has been suggested the most significant of mankind’s developments of the past millennium was the capacity of farmers to make hay. For without this technological development, the great cities of Europe could not have been sustained.

Where would the greenies of that time stand on such an intrusion on nature?

Finally as uncomfortable as it may be, it is the consumer that rules on that which is acceptable and that which is not.

The task that producers have is to ensure that message from the market is not distorted by the zealots for their own purposes.

Good farming

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