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The Milk Baby Is Named

Greetings Readers

Today’s announcement that the new dairy cooperative will be named Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd will not please everyone but it should not cause the opposition which Kiwifruit growers suppliers that greeted the now accepted Zespri naming a year or two ago.

As has been made clear Fonterra will not be used for branding product in the market place and so is therefore not critical for the conveying of image to customers. The existing brands will carry that continuity so producers will better know Fonterra from their monthly statements.

It’s a little amusing to see the Ecologic Foundation's executive director Guy Salmon being the first to recognise the Fonterra’s name association with natural purity, which probably confirms the quality of the name choice that has been made by Fonterra’s staff.

Finally it will be the quality of Fonterra’s performance in the market in the minds of producers that will ensure that the name represents everything that is hoped for from the merger.

Good farming

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