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Greenie Myopia

Greetings Readers

The destruction, presumably by some Green style extremist group, of the experimental potato crop in the Lincoln University laboratories re-emphasises the growing divergence of values between rural and urban communities in New Zealand.

On one hand farmers are pressured by international competition to produce more for less – to improve the efficiency of their production systems to enable their farm businesses to survive in the context of the countries total economy but within the bounds of acceptable practise set by the democratic structures and processes of our communities.

On the other hand small groups of self indulgent urban extremists are hell bent on imposing their emotional values with total disregard of the underlying science or any concept of economic consequence.

But even worse is the inability of this countries leaders to condemn out right these attacks and spell out the consequences of and the false base in much of the PC speak presented by the green supporters against the development of new technologies

If the protestors were to hold sway it is inevitable that total farm production – that’s organic farm production in the original sense of the word organic – will decline.

The urban greenie may be entitled to organise their lives around bean sprouts and hemp cloth but the community at large should expect something better as a result of the application of science and understanding to improve the welfare of all.

Good farming

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