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1:03 Sep 2003Labour refuses to front up to farmers
2:03 Sep 2003Climate change policy on agriculture: clear and consistent
3:03 Sep 2003Research to safeguard Lake Taupo's future
4:02 Sep 2003Fonterra Suppliers: Make Your Vote Count
5:02 Sep 2003$300 million allocated to sustain New Zealand’s productive future
6:02 Sep 2003FFNZ Congratulates Meat NZ and SheepCo on Result
7:02 Sep 2003Sheep Farmers' Trans-Tasman Relationship Looks Bright
8:02 Sep 2003Hodgson Misleads Over Flatulence Research
9:02 Sep 2003Federated Farmers Fight Against Ridiculous Taxes Rally
10:02 Sep 2003USDA Market News - New Zealand Meat Export Summary and Prices
11:01 Sep 2003Meat and wool referendum a resounding 'yes' on all counts
12:01 Sep 2003Regional voting breakdowns for meat and wool referendum
13:01 Sep 2003Minister welcomes meat and wool referendum vote
14:01 Sep 2003Cancun meeting to be significant: Minister
15:31 Aug 2003The GM debate: Softly, softly but we must move ahead
16:31 Aug 2003Greenhouse gas emissions not on target says EDS
17:31 Aug 2003Farmers Will Fund Good Science
18:31 Aug 2003USDA Oceania Dairy Market Overview
19:31 Aug 2003USDA Western European Dairy Market Summary
20:31 Aug 2003USDA Eastern European Dairy Market Summary
21:28 Aug 2003News Article
22:28 Aug 2003Dairy Farmers Have Your Say!
23:28 Aug 2003USDA Market News - IMPORT BEEF TRADE
24:27 Aug 2003Shareholders’ Council Report Offers Insight to Fonterra’s Performance
25:27 Aug 2003Dairy Industry Shares Environmental Research

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