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Grocery chain seeks GM-free assurance

Foodstuffs, the largest and the only fully New Zealand-owned grocery retailer, is taking action to ensure that all of its private label products, which includes the icon Pam's brand, do not contain GE ingredients.

"We are seeking confirmation from our suppliers that all ingredients used in the manufacture of our private label brands are sourced from non GE crops," says Foodstuffs NZ Managing Director Tony Carter.

"This also includes the assurance that non GE feed ingredients are used in relation to animal products," he says.

"We are aware that most of our private label suppliers already comply and we can give assurances of the non-GE status of the majority of our private label products including bread, chicken, biscuits and margarine.

"However we are seeking written confirmation from all suppliers so that we can categorically state that our house brands are manufactured using non-GE ingredients.

"If that confirmation is not forthcoming, then the company will look for alternative sources of supply," says Mr Carter.

He says the move formalises Foodstuffs' position on sourcing non-GE products for its house brands.

"We are aware there are a number of New Zealanders who would prefer eating non-GE foods and we want to make sure that our customers have that choice."

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