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Who bears the liability now?

The major question to arise from the weekend’s false food scare in New Zealand is; who will bear the liability for the damage done to Yarrow’s and Subway’s businesses, the Chairman of the Life Sciences Network, Dr William Rolleston asked today.

“Those opposed to GM have seized on this issue to try to create some political capital leading up to the expiry of the moratorium. They have done everything they can to make sure the news media has run with the story, despite the fact there is no GE content in the dough and that the enzyme produced from a process using a genetically modified bacterial source has been pronounced safe by the regulatory and health authorities in many countries. In doing so they have tried to taint the Yarrow’s and Subway’s businesses in New Zealand by implication.

“Greenpeace has used this same tactic against Inghams, Tegel, McDonald’s, Fonterra and others. On the face of it their activities are very close to economic sabotage. Who’s going to be next?

“The Yarrow’s and Subway’s businesses have been put at risk locally and internationally because of the irresponsible allegations by the activists and also by politicians who should know better.

Who is going to bear the liability for damage to those businesses which are going about their business responsibly and lawfully? Or, is the real agenda more about being anti-business than being anti-GM?

“The possible consequences of these false allegations for workers jobs have already been pointed out by the spokesman for Yarrow’s.

“The Life Sciences Network has said in the past that opponents of GM are the ones doing the greatest damage to our reputation overseas because of their irresponsible false allegations. This incident proves the point once again.

“It is time that organizations like Greenpeace (which is a multinational global corporate itself), GE-Free NZ, the Sustainability Council, the Green Party and other opponents of GM were held fully legally and financially accountable for the damage members do when they create false food scares,” concluded Dr Rolleston.

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