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Roading Alternatives Will Fail New Zealand

The Government is deceiving itself if it thinks that subsidising rail, buses, boats and building more cycleways and walkways will solve the problem of inadequate roads” says Charlie Pedersen, Vice President, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc).

This is in response to reports the Government proposes to proceed with the Land Transport Management Bill with little amendment to fix its many and varied flaws.

“The claim that a significant proportion of New Zealanders support the idea of more people travelling on buses and trains is ridiculous – the trouble with this is most of these ‘supporters' want other people to use public transport so there is more room on the roads for them.

“As you sit in traffic this weekend spare a thought for the inadequacy of the provincial roading network where public transport, walking and cycling are not an option.

“When you fill up with petrol think about the 30 cents a litre the Government steals from you that could have been used to pay for better roads.

“This Government needs to stop siphoning off money and ensure that all taxes collected on petrol are spent on roads, before gridlock in the cities and deteriorating provincial roads force their hand” concluded Mr Pedersen.

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