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NZ First misses the point

Parliament has already said it doesn’t want to reinstate the moratorium on applications to release GM which expires next week, so why does New Zealand First MP Brian Donnelly think its going to adopt his private member’s bill, the Chairman of the LSN, Dr William Rolleston, said today.

“Mr Donnelly was Chairman of the Select Committee which heard overwhelming evidence of the benefit of allowing a specialist agency to make politically independent decisions relating to the future use of GM in New Zealand.

“Reinstating the moratorium means the whole issue will become vulnerable to special pleading and back door political deal making. Maybe that is what NZ First wants but no-one who invests in New Zealand wants to return to that sort of scenario.

“Mr Donnelly knows that a moratorium means we will lose science, investment and opportunities for growth. He also knows none of the predictions of major impact on our trade are based on facts while the research which shows the reverse is comprehensive and compelling.

“Neither Mr Donnelly, nor the people who presented the anti-GM petition to the Green Party, have enough support to trigger a democratic change in policy. New Zealand must make policy decisions for the benefit of the majority not just the vocal minorities who shout the loudest,” concluded Dr Rolleston.

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