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ViaLactia Rejects MADGE Claims

ViaLactia has rejected claims by MADGE that it has purchased patent rights to human DNA from an Australian genetics company.

"ViaLactia is not using human DNA in research," said Dr Colin South, Chief Executive of ViaLactia.

"This claim that we are sourcing and using human DNA or genetic material in our pastoral research is totally without foundation."

"Genetic Technologies Pty Limited and ViaLactia recently agreed terms over the use of gene technologies in research. The license allows ViaLactia to continue to use information derived from the DNA of animals and plants."

Dr South said ViaLactia had purchased the right to the animal and plant code sequences which had nothing to do with human DNA or genetic material. "We are using this non-sequencing code - often referred to as junk DNA -- as a map to try to discover inheritable traits in animals and plants which may benefit pastoral agriculture production."

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