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MAF Condemns Activists' Tactics

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry today strongly condemned some of the tactics, particularly threats against MAF staff, used by a small group of irrational and irresponsible activists opposed to the Government's plans to eradicate the gypsy moth in Hamilton.

"We have no time for tactics aimed at 'playing the man, not the ball', and believe that these shameful practices should be exposed," MAF's Forest Biosecurity Director Peter Thomson said.

"The gypsy moth eradication campaign has been approved by Cabinet. MAF's role is to carry out the Government's wishes in a lawful manner, giving regard to reasonable community concerns which we will endeavour to accommodate.

"We expect a level of community concern and we are prepared to work through this in a reasoned and constructive manner.

"Threats against the health and well-being of MAF employees and their families, MAF sub-contractors and their families, harassment of these people, threats of sabotage and other destructive incitements, are not tactics that either MAF or reasonable community members should support. We refer all such cases to the police.

"There are legal and other avenues available for community protests to be heard and MAF encourages people opposed to the gypsy moth eradication to use these, rather than resorting to threatening and illegal behaviour," Peter Thomson said.

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