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Ethics, what ethics?

MaDGE's latest gasp for public attention denigrates women and illustrates what little grasp this group has of reality," Chairman of the Life Sciences Network, Dr William Rolleston, said today.

MaDGE was recently ordered to pay $24, 000 in court costs after unsuccessfully challenging AgResearch's approval to genetically modify cattle, which they said they would be unable to pay. Instead, they have embarked on an expensive advertising campaign which depicts a naked woman with four breasts being milked like a cow.

This action scrapes the bottom of the barrel in a campaign which has dwindling support. MaDGE should look in the mirror for examples of poor ethics. They have allowed this money to be used on advertising, knowing full well their $24,000 obligation to the court and they seem happy to offend New Zealanders in the process.

New Zealanders will be justified in relegating MaDGE to the pages of bad taste science fiction,’ concluded Dr Rolleston.

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