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Foreshore Policy Delivers Uncertainty For Landowners

Hundreds of landowners are learning that the Government's foreshore and seabed proposals could result in their losing many hectares of land says Tom Lambie, President, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc.).

“Meetings arranged by Federated Farmers and attended by Government MP's have found that there are numerous landowners directly affected by the Government's proposals.

“The Government has said that the proposal is intended to introduce certainty for foreshore users but it has had the exact opposite effect for many farmers.

"Landowners are deeply concerned that the Government is talking about not only taking away many acres of their land but also forcing landowners to provide new unfettered access to the public.

There are four groups of landowners whose certificate of title covers the foreshore: those where title was acquired before 1860, those where title specifically goes to low water mark, those where title goes to mean high water mark, (not the Government specified mean high water spring mark), and then the large group whose title, as a result of erosion, extends over the seabed.

“The foreshore and seabed proposals together with the “Acland” Land Access Ministerial Reference Group access proposals have created a great deal of uncertainty and risk for many farmers.

"It seems that the Government and its advisers have forgotten the direct link between the security and viability of farmers' business and secure property rights concluded Mr Lambie

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