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NZ Beef and Lamb top of the menu in Shanghai

New Zealand Beef and Lamb will be top of the menu at the New Zealand Food and Culture Festival being held in Shanghai this month.

Over 36,000 people will be exposed to the 12-day promotion of New Zealand Beef and Lamb, seafood, fruit, wine and beer, at the famous Lu Bo Lang Restaurant in China, favoured by heads of state worldwide.

On the heels of SARS, the restaurant decided to hold a New Zealand food and culture festival to promote clean, green healthy products from New Zealand. Meat New Zealand helped them source New Zealand Beef and Lamb for the occasion, and provided promotional materials such as placemats, aprons and flags.

NZ Chef Richard Gamlin who is currently working at a 5 star hotel in Shanghai will be assisting on creating some Chinese style dishes with a New Zealand flavour and style.

Everyday 3,000 people will eat at the Lu Bo Lang restaurant, with many customers being high profile business people, government officials as well as tourists from overseas and within China.

As a result of the promotion, Lu Bo Lang would like to continue to offer those New Zealand dishes and products that sold well during the event, giving New Zealand products and suppliers the potential to develop sales in well-known Shanghai restaurants.

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