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Fonterra's new $2 million chief executive, Andrew Ferrier, did his best to butter up farmers at the company's annual meeting…[more]

Dairy giant Fonterra has good news for the rural economy - a predicted $170 million cash boost for the 14,000 farmers who supply it with milk….[more]

MEAT New Zealand says sheep and beef farmers are putting other industries to shame by increasing agriculture's contribution to GDP. Meat New Zealand chairman Jeff Grant said agriculture's contribution to GDP had risen from 14 to 17 percent in the past 15 years….[more]

Forget gold, forget stocks. The hot market right now is cattle, and it's running away. A growing shortage of market-ready cattle destined for U.S. beef plants, a four-month-old ban on imports of Canadian cattle plus booming demand for U.S. beef have forced meat packers to pay soaring prices for cattle….[more]

A joint forum of sheep farmers from the United States, Australia and New Zealand could allay suspicions the groups have of each other and could prove a lucrative development in complementary marketing, says a farm lobbyist….[more]

Desperate Wanaka farmers are considering calling in army snipers in a bid to stop the dogs responsible for a sheep killing epidemic….[more]

A key aim of New Zealand trade policy - an end to export subsidies - rests on a knife edge at crucial trade talks in Mexico, Trade Minister Jim Sutton said today….[more]

New Zealand's agricultural sector is being well represented at the vital World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico, which begins today….[more]

World Bank President James Wolfensohn said on Monday he expects no major breakthrough at this week's global trade talks in Mexico even as senior ministers tried to find common ground on farm subsides seen as a major stumbling block to a deal….[more]

With world trade talks deadlocked over how to cut farm subsidies and tariffs, negotiators turned once again on Wednesday to Singapore Trade Minister George Yeo to try to sort out the mess….[more]

As the Doha round of World Trade Organization talks creeps towards its nominal halfway point in Cancun this month, some questions naturally arise. To paraphrase one of the four questions from Passover: "What makes this round of trade talks different from previous rounds?" The short answer is, the Quad has been torn down….[more]

The opening of the World Trade Organisation conference in Mexico has been marred by the sudden death of a South Korean farm leader protesting against moves to free-up trade in agriculture. The fifty-five year-old man named by WTO officials as Lee Kyang Hae headed South Korea's Federation of Farmers and Fisherman and is reported to have stabbed himself to demonstrate his opposition to proposals to open agricultural markets….[more]


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