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Farmer Travels To Mexico For Trade Talks

Tom Lambie, Federated Farmers of New Zealand's National President will represent New Zealand farmers in the official delegation attending this week's World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Cancun.

New Zealand farmers are seeking ambitious and tangible reforms in the Doha WTO Round across the three issues of market access, domestic support and export subsidies says Mr Lambie.

“The Federation supports the Cairns' Group's WTO negotiating position. This would see substantial improvements in market access, significant reductions in domestic support and the elimination of harmful export subsidies.

“Recent proposals from the EU and US, fall a long way short of the expectations of New Zealand farmers. We call on these and other countries to deliver on the mandate agreed at the launch of the Development Round in Doha.

Developing country concerns will be a major topic of discussion in Cancun. Agricultural trade distortions have their most harmful effect on the world's poorest countries so it is important that these distortions are eliminated. As developing country incomes and standards of living improve in a market without trade distortions, New Zealand farmers will have new markets and opportunities open to them.

Federated Farmers of New Zealand Chief Executive, Tony St Clair, is travelling with Mr Lambie to Cancun. Several other New Zealand agricultural industry representatives will also be part of the New Zealand delegation at the meeting.

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