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Police follow up farmers’ Parliamentary protest

Wellington Police are investigating incidents involving a tractor and a motorbike during the farmers’ protest at Parliament yesterday.

A tractor was twice driven up Parliament Building’s front steps to the first landing before progress was blocked by Parliamentary security staff.

In another incident, a motorbike was also driven up the steps. A security officer suffered a minor arm injury when he intervened.

Inspector Marty Grenfell, Wellington Area Controller, says police were present at the protest and have concerns about the safety of what took place.

"We recognise people have the right to protest but they must do so in a reasonable manner. Using vehicles or heavy machinery in a protest exposes a risk for the safety and wellbeing of others, particularly where there is a crowd of people involved.

"We’re looking at both of yesterday’s incidents to see if any offences were committed," Mr Grenfell says.

Wellington Police have already this year charged people for stunts during protest action including climbing fences, throwing items and burning flags. …[more]

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