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FFNZ Congratulates Meat NZ and SheepCo on Result

Congratulations to Meat New Zealand and SheepCo on the outcome of the referendum to continue funding red meat and wool industry-good activities, and to form a single meat and wool organisation says New Zealand Meat & Fibre Producers' Chair Ian Corney

"Federated Farmers is a strong supporter of the Commodity Levies Act (CLA), and has been lobbying for years to get the meat and wool industry good organisations to move under this Act.

"Farmers have voted and provided a mandate for the industry good activities to continue. This vote is just the first step and work will now begin to ensure that this transition happens as farmers intend. Federated Farmers will work closely with Meat NZ and SheepCo as they form a single organisation and move under the CLA to ensure that farmers get the transparency and accountability that they are seeking.

"It is encouraging that many farmers took the time to have a say on this issue. In the current climate of increasing international pressure and rising compliance costs for the industry, it is important that farmers are informed and involved in events such as this, which have a great impact on the industry.

"The nature of the CLA is that the new industry good organisation will have to be more responsive to farmers or farmers will simply vote it out in five years time. This should mean greater consultation and the chance for farmers to be more involved in the direction of their industry.

"Moving under the CLA is a positive step for farmers and I am convinced that this will lead to a much closer relationship between the meat and wool industry good organisation and its levy payers than we have seen in the past” Mr Corney concluded.

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