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Regional voting breakdowns for meat and wool referendum

Bay of Plenty sheep and beef farmers were the most supportive voters in the Farmer's Choice referendum held during August to determine whether meat and wool levies would continue to fund industry-good activities.

Provisional regional breakdowns of the vote results show that Bay of Plenty farmers supported the proposals by the largest majority, with a massive 89% saying yes for sheepmeat, 81% for beef, and 81% for wool, counted on weighted stock numbers. The Bay of Plenty results were also the largest majority counted on a one-farmer-one-vote basis for all votes, except the goat levy.

The highest majority for the goat levy proposal was taken by South Canterbury with 87% in favour.

Bay of Plenty farmers also had the largest majorities for the votes on the single organisation (87%), retaining the reserves, and investing in biotechnology, counted on both weighted stock numbers and one-farm-one-vote basis.

The next-strongest majorities were in the lower North Island and Northland for sheepmeat (76%), Westland, the lower North Island and Northland for beef (76-78%) the lower North Island and Taranaki for wool (73%), and Northland for goatmeat (76%).

The Commodity Levies Act (CLA) under which the levy votes were held requires that a majority of farmers vote 'yes' to the proposals, counted both on a weighted stock number basis, and on a one-farm-one-vote basis. Both thresholds must be passed before a levy order application can be made.

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