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USDA Eastern European Dairy Market Summary

EASTERN EUROPE: Warm temperatures continue to be reported out of Eastern Europe, but not to the extent of the West. Lack of moisture is also very common in Eastern Europe. Milk production is declining seasonally with instances of sharper than usual declines being reported. Milk handlers attribute the sharper declines to adverse temperature and moisture conditions.

Milk volumes are declining to the point that some traders and handlers are concerned about meeting contracted dairy product requirements. Russia is in the market looking for additional butterfat for upcoming winter needs. Although the full extent of this buyer interest is unclear, many feel that it will continue into the fall.


(Australia and New Zealand) - Compared to Wednesday, import boneless beef prices were mostly steady on slow trading late in the week. However, prices were 2.00 to 3.00 higher for the weeks as offerings continued to be limited both overseas and domestically. Trading was active early as freezer supplies were scarce and sellers were willing to move inventories at the higher prices to fill good buying interest.

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