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Taranaki Farmers Fight Against Ridiculous Taxes

Taranaki Farmers will add their support to the nation-wide opposition to the Government's proposed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Research Tax by holding a protest convoy through the region.

Farmers have had enough with the Government imposing one ridiculous tax after another and are mobilising to show their opposition says Taranaki Federated Farmers President Neville Hagenson.

Waikato Federated Farmers will meet Federated Farmers Taranaki at Mokau at 11am on Monday 25 August to pass the protest on. Taranaki farmers will make their way through the region, arriving in New Plymouth at 12.45pm. The protest then will divide with half taking the coastal route and the other half inland, joining back up in Hawera. The convoy will finish in Waverley on Tuesday 26 August where they will be met by Wanganui Federated Farmers members who will continue the convoy through the lower North Island.

“The high level of support from people throughout Taranaki shows that this is an issue the region will not let die. This is the perfect opportunity for the people of Taranaki to say we have had enough.

"Farmers are incensed that the Government is pursuing this tax despite the overwhelming public opposition. The Government took $500 million of farmer’s carbon credits in the public interest. If the Government believes the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions Research is in the public interest then the Government should pay.

“This is just the latest in a long line of taxes and when they decide to tax animal’s burps and farts, you have to wonder what they’ll tax next. It is time to ask the Government when the insanity will end” Mr Hagenson concluded.

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