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Livestock Tax- What Next?

The natural habits of our livestock are not a major part of New Zealand ’s contribution to global warming, says Pam Richardson , Provincial President, North Canterbury Federated Farmers.

North Canterbury Federated Farmers is holding a public meeting to discuss the Government’s proposed agricultural emissions tax at 6.30pm on Friday 22 August 2003 at the Sudima Hotel Grand Chancellor. (Previously the Airport Hotel)

“Removing all the farm animals from New Zealand would probably increase the world’s emissions as the food and fibre the world needs would be produced by less efficient farmers in other countries

“Our farmers already compete against highly subsidised and supported farming systems. For our Government to add a further tax on our efficient production systems when no other country in the world plans to is lunacy. We are the laughing stock of farmers around the world and European farmers cannot believe their good fortune.

“All Canterbury businesses should be concerned with the manner in which this Government has chosen to implement its commitment to the Kyoto protocol. If they are crazy enough to tax our animals’ flatulence - what’s next?

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