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Government Ignores Agriculture Sector Again

It is abhorrent that agricultural subjects have been overlooked for scholarship assessment under the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) framework, says Charlie Pedersen , Vice President, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc.)

According to the Ministry of Education, historical achievement levels in Agriculture and Horticulture do not warrant the inclusion of the subjects at scholarship level in the new framework.

“The decision to leave off agriculture and horticulture from this level of the NCEA is yet another example of this Government ignoring the contribution that primary industry makes to our economy.

“There are plenty of opportunities within the curriculum to accommodate study around the issues impacting on primary production; international trade and sustainability are just two examples.

“We are trying to encourage future leaders into primary industry, where there are thousands of self employed people running million dollar plus businesses. Ignoring agriculture at scholarship level sends the wrong message to young people considering a career path within the industry.

“Discarding agriculture on this basis is further evidence that the Government has its blinkers on in relation to where the future economic growth in this country lies”, Mr Pedersen concluded.

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