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Pork Sales on the Increase

Repositioning pork as a fast, easy to cook, nutritious, meal is paying dividends for New Zealand pork producers.

The Chief Executive of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board, Angus Davidson, said that sales of pork had shown good growth in the last two years particularly since the launch of the Board’s television advertising campaign launched 18 months ago.

“We recently commissioned some research to track the effectiveness of our TV advertising which has proved to be very successful. We were particularly pleased with the recall of pork and of Mike King whom we are using to demonstrate simple nutritious ways of serving a variety of pork cuts, and it is clear that the TV infomercials are helping push consumption up.

“Whilst imported product accounts for 36% of total pork consumption in New Zealand, the industry is growing, and as part of its on-going market development programme, the Board is looking at methods of differentiating 100% New Zealand Pork,” he said.

“At the Board’s recent AGM in Christchurch, we held a joint forum with pork processors and we are pleased with that sector’s commitment to use 100% New Zealand Pork where practicable in their premium top quality products. Meanwhile, New Zealand farmers are growing their industry and want to supply an increasing share of the processors’ needs.

“I think it would be fair to say that there is increasing recognition of the mutual interdependence between the processors and producers with processors looking to chair another joint forum at the time of the industry conference next year,” Mr Davidson said.

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