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Farmers Have Your Say!

It is vital that all farmers have a say in the future of their industry by voting in the Meat New Zealand and SheepCo referendum, according to New Zealand Meat and Fibre Chair Ian Corney and Dairy Farmers of New Zealand Chair Kevin Wooding.

NZMFP Chair Ian Corney strongly urges all farmers who pay a meat or wool levy to be informed and vote in the referendum.

"Whatever the result of the vote it will mean significant changes for the industry. It is important that farmers consider the proposals and weigh up the consequences of voting yes or no to the proposals put forward by Meat New Zealand and SheepCo.

"The Federation has advocated for years that the meat and wool levies should move under the Commodity Levies Act to ensure better accountability and transparency. This vote is an extremely positive first step.

"I have been impressed with the progress made by Meat NZ and SheepCo to improve their communication and consultation processes. This shows an ability to adapt to farmer direction in the future if they get a yes vote.

DFNZ Chair Kevin Wooding is reminding dairy farmers that they have a right to have their say on the meat levy.

"DFNZ supports the collection of a levy via the Commodity Levies Act as it will make funding more transparent and should make the new organisation more accountable to farmers than Meat New Zealand has been in the past.

“Plenty of information is available to help dairy farmers make an informed decision, however if they need more information I would encourage them to contact Meat NZ.

"All farmers should make sure they are registered. If you have not received voting papers, call the Farmer's Choice hotline on 0800 109 150 to register. In the dairy industry the larger dairy companies have automatically registered many dairy farmers, but others have not."

Farmers can vote from Thursday, 31 July until Friday, 29 August either on the farmers' choice website or by mailing your voting papers in the free-post envelope provided.

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