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DFNZ welcome Dairy InSight's 'Let's Talk Dairying' Campaign

‘Let’s Talk Dairying’ is a positive step towards encouraging new entrants into the dairy industry, says Dairy Farmers of New Zealand (Inc) Chairman Kevin Wooding.

“It is fantastic that Dairy InSight has responded in such a proactive manner to farmers concerns about the need to improve the perception of the Dairy Industry.

"DFNZ has recently established a working party to address concerns about the recruitment and retention of dynamic young people into the dairy industry.

“‘Let’s Talk Dairying’ address these issues by focusing on core dairying values of sustainability and enterprise, and the lifestyle and opportunities dairying offers.

“All New Zealanders stand to gain from increases in the productivity and profitability of the dairy industry. DFNZ congratulates Dairy InSight for investing industry good funds in such a positive and proactive campaign.”

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