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Westland Delivers For Suppliers

With farmers facing unfavourable conditions West Coast dairy company Westland Milk Products is delivering suppliers with much needed relief, says Dairy Farmers of New Zealand Chairman Kevin Wooding.

Westland has announced a final payout of $3.97 per kg milk solids.

“Despite the appreciating dollar and lower international dairy product prices Westland has managed to deliver its suppliers a good result and DFNZ will continue to watch the company's development with interest," said Mr Wooding.

"The future of Westland looks bright and projections for the 2003/04 season are for $4.00 per kg milk solids," continues Dairy Farmers of New Zealand Vice Chairman and Westland supplier Frank Brenmuhl.

"There is concern though from Westland suppliers that unfavourable government policies and the rising $NZ will seriously affect Westland's ability to deliver sustainable returns to farmers.

"DFNZ will look carefully at Westland 's balance sheet and payout, to allow Westland suppliers know exactly how well their company is performing," concluded Mr Wooding.

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