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Referendum Will Determine Future Approach To Key Farmer Issues, Says Richmond Chairman

Richmond Limited sees positive benefits in the proposed new levy structure for meat and wool farmers, consistent with the objective of providing higher returns for farm producers.

Chairman Sam Robinson says issues such as international trade access and market development were both critical to the future returns of farmers and the wider industry, and as such they deserved continued funding and representation.

“Farmers have an obligation to protect their own interests through positive advocacy, and the proposed model is the best way of achieving this.

“The current EU lamb quota is an example of what can be achieved by an ‘industry good’ body working on behalf of farmers alongside regulatory bodies and farmer representatives in other markets.

“It is imperative this capability is maintained so as to reinforce the meat industry’s priorities within the government’s decision-making processes.”

Mr Robinson said the current funding of market development efforts for beef and lamb in many international markets were another example of valuable “industry good” activities.

“The current proposal is for targeted expenditure in co-operation with exporters to ensure consistent messages are directed at the world’s discerning food consumers. Richmond is pleased with the way this has been working over the past 12 months.

“One of the best examples of successful international in-market promotion has been the ‘Lamb Rosette’, an unmistakable sign of the qualities of New Zealand meat. New Zealand farmers will suffer if this is allowed to lapse.”

Putting aside his role as Richmond’s Chairman, Sam Robinson says that as a farmer he will be voting “yes” in the referendum. “Whatever their thoughts on the new levy structure I would urge my fellow farmers at least to exercise their vote.”

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