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Five steaks make a golden cow in Hong Kong

Meat New Zealand is beefing up New Zealand's $30 million beef export market to Hong Kong by printing healthy messages about New Zealand Beef on restaurant placemats, having waiting staff wearing New Zealand Beef aprons and putting customers who eat beef five times into a draw to win a return trip for two to New Zealand and a golden cow - a sought-after prize in Hong Kong, says Meat New Zealand market development executive Rebecca McGinley.

The restaurant promotion has been timed to coincide with the increased level of business activity currently taking place in Hong Kong following its removal from the World Health Organisation SARS affected country list, McGinley said.

"Hong Kong's per capita beef consumption is only 13.4 kg per annum (compared to New Zealand's 35 kg per annum) and so there is a lot of scope to increase New Zealand Beef sales there. The idea is to get them to eat beef regularly - so five meals gets them into the draw for the trip and the golden cow."

"The waiting staff's New Zealand Beef aprons will be visible to customers as they place their orders and will therefore hopefully influence their meal choice. The placemat idea is so that while they are eating New Zealand Beef they can read about how nutritious it is, and about its clean, green, grass-fed image. We believe that increased awareness will lead to increased demand for our product, and hopefully even consumers requesting New Zealand Beef by name," McGinley said.

"In Hong Kong, Australian, US and Canadian beef compete with New Zealand Beef, and it is important for us to have a high profile amongst consumers to ensure we grow our market share," she said.

The focus of the campaign will be popular western restaurants, McGinley said. "In Hong Kong, medium-priced restaurants and steak houses are the major users of New Zealand Beef. New Zealand Beef exporters and distributors in Hong Kong nominated restaurants to take part, and we have limited participation to 10."

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