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Sutton's Words Leave Bad Smell

Agriculture Minister Jim Sutton this morning received a hostile reaction from farmers at the Federated Farmers' National Conference, following the Government's refusal to budge on its decision to implement a Flatulence Tax on farm animals, ACT New Zealand Rural Affairs Spokesman Gerry Eckhoff said today.

"Mr Sutton's address gave conference attendees every cause for concern over the proposed Flatulence Tax. He steadfastly refused to enter into any meaningful debate and, instead, chose to rely on pseudo science, half-truths and blatantly misleading information," Mr Eckhoff said.

"The Labour Government's credibility within the farming community plunged with every second of the Minister's speech.

"Serious consultation over this issue has clearly been non-existent, as the Government is hell bent on riding roughshod over farmers, and imposing yet another compliance cost on the livestock industry.

"Any respect that Mr Sutton may once have held within farming circles evaporated with his steadfast, arrogant refusal to accept the legitimacy of the farmers' point of view", Mr Eckhoff said.

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