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Meat Companies Should Join Farmers In Stand Against Fart Tax

Federated Farmer’s New Zealand Meat and Fibre Producers Chair Ian Corney is urging meat companies to refuse to collect the flatulence tax on behalf of the Government.

“Farmers are adamant that they do not support this tax. Meat companies should reflect their stakeholders' strong opinions on this matter and show that they will not bow to pressure said Mr Corney

“Farmers and industry should be making a united stand on this issue.

“Despite assurances to the contrary the Government seems hell bent on imposing a greenhouse gas tax on farmers.

“Government is passing the buck onto rural New Zealand because it can; after all there are not many farmers in the Auckland.

“The Government should not force meat companies into the position where they would be acting against their farmer shareholders, who are likely to refuse to pay the levy.

“The Government ratified the Kyoto Protocol ahead of our major trading partners and nationalised forest sink credits from trees planted on our land.

“This tax is the icing on the cake and farmers are fed up and furious”, concluded Mr Corney.

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