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FFNZ One Step Ahead On 3 Nations Lamb Forum

Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc.) is set to meet with the Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) on the 26th and 27th of August in Melbourne to discuss a collaborative forum together with the American Sheep Industry Association to be held later in 2003.

Statistics showing that lamb exports to the US rose by 25 percent in the first quarter of this year, despite the lacklustre US exchange rate are good news for sheep farmers, says New Zealand Meat and Fibre Producers Chair Ian Corney.

“However, increasing Australasian presence in the US market is likely to upset US producers, who are still resentful about losing the WTO case over their high tariffs for Australasian lamb in 2001.

“This forum will increase co-operation and dialogue between the US, Australia and New Zealand and will be a positive step for all three countries involved.

“Other issues the Federation will discuss with the SCA include environmental issues facing sheep producers, the Australian National Flock Identification Scheme and supply issues to meet global demand for sheep and lamb. This joint meeting should also pave the way for further collaboration between Federated Farmers and the Sheepmeat Council of Australia.

“Given that the US is New Zealand’s fourth largest lamb export market; this meeting is encouraging progress towards building a better relationship, which could hold significant benefits for sheep farmers, Mr Corney concluded.

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