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Farmers urged to keep heat on Kyoto tax

National Party Leader Bill English is urging the country's farmers to keep the blow-torch on the Government over its plan to introduce a so called 'flatulence tax'.

"If farmers keep saying no to this ridiculous new tax - Helen Clark will buckle," he told a meeting of farmers in Mosgiel today.

"That's her track record, she back-flipped on Iraq, she did it on the Resource Management Act, she's in the process of doing it over Maori claims to the foreshore and she'll do it again," says Mr English.

"This is the thin end of the wedge for farmers.

"The Government's preparing to dole out cash to scientists before they've even decided how to use it.

"All it does is create a new and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy which Kiwi farmers will have to pay for.

"And the tax is unlikely to stay at the same level, it's bound to keep rising and there'll be little accountability.

"None of our exporting competitors will be paying the 'flatulence tax' and that's why the National Party is promising to repeal this bizarre new charge.

"It's ironic that the Government has identified consultation as a priority at almost every level, yet Jim Sutton and Pete Hodgson are failing to consult with farmers over the tax.

"That would be justification enough for an apology.

"Not only are they being left out of the decision-making process - but they're also being described as whingers for simply raising the alarm," says Mr English.

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