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Farming Community Angry

Despite coinciding with other farming meetings and the atrocious weather, around 100 farmers turned out to hear more about the Government's proposed greenhouse gas emissions research tax today, says North Canterbury Federated Farmers President Pam Richardson.

The Agricultural Emissions Research consultation meeting held in Christchurch involved farmers from as far afield as Southland and Nelson/Marlborough.

"Farmers are angry about the undue haste with which Government are moving on the climate change issue, said Mrs Richardson.

"Government needs to undertake a significant amount of public education on the issue so we can build a comprehensive picture of the issues rather than treating them in isolation.

"This consultation round has been about officials telling farmers what will happen, rather than providing an opportunity to discuss what should happen.

"The Government are treating the agricultural sector in isolation and expecting farmers to bear an unfair burden on behalf of all New Zealanders for little demonstrable benefit.

"This is just another case of nationalised benefit for privatised cost."

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