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Dopey Kyoto Tax Angers Farmers

A meeting held in Hamilton yesterday shows that the Government is out of step with farmer’s views as opposition against the proposed ‘flatulence tax’ increases, said New Zealand First agriculture spokesperson Doug Woolerton.

“Minister Pete Hodgson, Convenor of the Ministerial group on climate change, attempts to invent a tax that none of our competitors have to pay and then charge farmers over $8 million per year to research a solution to the invented tax, is ridiculous,” said Mr Woolerton.

“Farmers are not stupid and their anger is growing over the lack of consultation with the Minister of Agriculture, Jim Sutton, himself, especially when told that they are being silly by objecting to the proposed tax.

“It is time for the Government to listen to farmers and not bully them into a tax that they should not have to pay,” said Mr Woolerton.

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