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Green Party spokesperson misreports chicken feeding study

Claims by Green Party spokesperson, Sue Kedgley, that a Canadian chicken feeding study shows GE corn may create unexpected toxins are wrong, the Chairman of the Life Sciences Network, Dr William Rolleston said today.

“In making her assertions Ms Kedgley has ignored or overlooked the fact the study says the number of chicken deaths which occurred during the 42 days are not statistically significant - in fact they are well within the range for poultry feeding studies.

“It would be most inappropriate for New Zealand authorities to adopt new regulations, undertake comprehensive research or do anything else on the basis of allegations which misrepresent fundamental details about the conclusions reached by the research.

“The researchers actually conclude the birds fed on the GE corn diet achieved very comparable growth and weight gain rates with the chickens fed on non-GE corn. There were no potential unintended effects reported in the study – completely contrary to the assertions of the Green Party spokesperson.

“Ms Kedgley needs to come up with scientific studies which support her pronouncements rather than trying to bend the results of studies to suit her purpose. When she does, the authorities will have something to respond to,” concluded Dr Rolleston.

A copy of the report on the feeding study can be obtained from the LSN website at:

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