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Government Ambivalent About F.A.R.T Tax Consultation

The Government has shown their lack of understanding of the rural sector by holding a morning consultation meeting on Greenhouse Gas Research Funding in the middle of winter in Mosgiel when most farmers will be feeding out.

Or perhaps the Government doesn’t care about farmer’s views, says Southland Federated Farmers President Don Nicolson.

“The Federation has been overwhelmed by feedback from its members who will be unable to attend the Farm Animal Ruminant Taxation (FART) meetings because of on farm commitments, the lack of notice about meetings, the coincidence with producer board reform meetings and the fact that there are only four meetings to cover the entire country.

“First the Government ratifies the Kyoto Protocol ahead of our trading partners. Then they take the forest sink credits we created from planting trees on our land. Now the Government is telling us to pay for research to reduce emissions with limited likelihood of beneficial impact and which no one else in the world is bothering with.

“This decision is yet another example of the Government’s desire to make rural New Zealand pay for its largesse. Farmers tolerance is being stretched the sustained efforts of Government to undermine the competitiveness of the productive sector.”

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