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Taranaki farmers are mobilising on Wednesday morning to tell the Government what they think of the proposed flatulence tax.

Taranaki Federated Farmers members have hired a bus to take farmers to the Agricultural Emissions Research Funding public meeting the Government is holding in Palmerston North.

“Despite the Taranaki region being a major dairying area and therefore prime targets for the Government’s tax, the Government don’t seem to think it worth talking to us. So we decided, if the Government won’t come to Taranaki’s farmers, Taranaki’s farmers will come to the Government,” says Bryan Hocken, Taranaki Senior Vice President and organiser of the bus trip.

“We want to let the Government know that farmers can only tolerate so much and Taranaki farmers deserve to be heard. This research tax is yet another cost farmers are being made to bear and the decision to tax us was made without asking farmers whether we wanted to fund this research.

Agricultural Emissions Research Funding meetings are being held in Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin.

“It is crucial that farmers turn up to these meetings to voice their concerns and tell the Government we will not take this tax lying down,” concluded Mr Hocken.

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