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Government Unwilling to Listen to Farmer Opposition to Flatulence Tax

The Government’s unwillingness to listen to farmers shone through at the Hamilton consultation meeting on Greenhouse Gas Research funding today says Waikato Federated Farmers President John Fisher.

“Officials threatened to abandon the meeting after farmer refused to accept that a levy to fund on farm research into greenhouse gas emissions should be implemented, said Mr Fisher.

“On top of a rushed consultation round, at a very busy time of year for farmers officials are unwilling to listen to farmer feedback.

In response farmers at the meeting passed a unanimous remit stating that the ‘Meeting stands united in opposition to the Government unilaterally imposing this tax and finds wholly unacceptable the Government’s unwillingness to consult meaningfully with farmers. As a consequence this meeting requests that Government fund all emissions reduction research as a public good as a way of meeting its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.’

“Farmers will not tolerate Government’s blatant disregard for the productive sector and the continued erosion of our competitive advantage to fund the Government’s misguided largesse.”

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