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Labour's Big Mac Tax

ACT New Zealand Health Spokesman Heather Roy today revealed new information showing that the Labour Government is preparing a paper, proposing a new tax on fast food in a bid to combat obesity.

"Answers to ACT's written Parliamentary Question 3817 show that the Public Health Directorate is currently working on an internal paper on differential food taxation and food advertising, to reduce obesity in New Zealand. This paper is to be completed by September 30," Mrs Roy said.

"Hard on the heels of its new flatulence tax, the Labour Government has confirmed that it is now looking to tax McDonald's, KFC and pizza.

"Obesity in New Zealand is a problem, and Health Minister Annette King is selling this new stealth tax as a means to fight it - only Labour would think that a new tax is the answer to obesity. The Government about to deprive hard-working families - most already struggling under Labour's hefty tax burden - of the treat of a family meal at McDonald's, KFC or Pizza Hutt.

"These are families that cannot afford to eat at the restaurants that Prime Minister Helen Clark or Ms King patronise, where two lettuce leaves and a glass of chardonnay cost around $40 - now this new tax will put Happy Meals and Quarter Packs beyond their financial reach as well.

"I am calling on the Minister to rule out taxing the foods she disapproves of. What on Earth is wrong with eating a Big Mac - and what will this Labour Government think of taxing next?" Mrs Roy said.

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