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Massive Vindication For NZ Scientists

Hooray! The British Government's experts have released their findings The CoT report is 444 pages and is here.

The Scientific Advisory Committee (Nutrition) evaluation of that report is here TOX/2003/03 At page 13 is the summary of the soy formulas findings.

" Based on the evidence cited, SACN is in agreement that the use of soy-based infant formulae is of concern. While there is clear evidence of potential risk, there is no evidence that these products confer any health benefit ......."

" The issue appears to be one of consumer choice, but there must be an onus on industry to better inform the general public, and secondly through a health professional, parents actually using these products to feed their infants"

" SACN considered that there is cause for concern about the use of soy-based infant formula. Additionally, there is neither substantive medical need for, nor health benefit arising from, the use soy-based infant formulae".

In the Guardian >>. "Move to Curb Soy Formula Sales ",3604,891456,00.html,3604,891456,00.html

We believe there is also an onus, in the absence of any regard for babies' safety in this matter from the Government or the Medical Association, for midwives to tell the people that the 'safe" foods in their local stores are very risky indeed.

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