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NZBIG Seeking Cost Effective Solutions to Management of Varroa

The New Zealand Bee Industry (NZBIG) group expressed appreciation for the support of the pastoral farmers in their bid to gain Government funding for the Varroa Pest Management Strategy at their Conference in Christchurch.

"Pastoral farmers recognise that the long term implications of reduced clover pollination are potentially devastating for pastoral agriculture in New Zealand, says NZBIG Chair Milton Jackson.

"NZBIG will continue to lobby Government to ensure a practical cost effective solution to the management of varroa as opposed to an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff approach.

The NZBIG also passed a remit supporting the concept of introducing East Russian bee stock.

"Breeding programmes in the USA seem to be producing a bee with good levels of varroa tolerance without any drop in honey production. While the East Russian bees would require minor changes in management they would provide an alternative for beekeepers given chemical resistance to varroa is a problem in other parts of the world.

"NZBIG sees these bees as a useful tool and is supportive of any initiative to bring this stock in from the USA."

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