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United Future MP condemns flatulence tax

United Future agriculture spokesman, Larry Baldock, says the Government's proposed livestock flatulence tax to fund research on greenhouse gas emissions is an utter nonsense and should be abandoned immediately.

"This is the natural consequence of signing up to the bureaucratic nightmare of the Kyoto Protocol," he said.

"Swamps which emit greenhouse gases are not taxable but the livestock which form the backbone of our economy are. That's absurd.

"We should be taking all measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but not passing the cost of that onto the agricultural industry alone.

"The Government made the mistake of signing up to the Kyoto Protocol claiming it was for the common good.

"If it truly believes that, then it must logically agree that reducing gas emissions from our livestock is also for the common good and any research funds should come from all taxpayers, not just farmers," he concluded.

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