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Meat NZ and SheepCo Proposals Disappoint Farmers

Federated Farmers’ New Zealand Meat & Fibre Producers chairman Ian Corney is disappointed that there is little change in Meat New Zealand and SheepCo’s amended proposals for the future of their levy funded activities.

Dairy Farmers of New Zealand chairman Kevin Wooding is also dissatisfied with the Meat NZ proposal, which still lacks detail and fails to provide a cost benefit analysis for activities such as market development and trade access.

Released yesterday the draft proposals are available at

“Meat NZ in particular needs to listen harder to farmers about what activities are important to them, says Mr Corney.

“The new proposal is a small step in the right direction; however much more change is necessary before farmers will be satisfied.

"A third of the total meat levy funds ($9.1million) are still allocated to market development and trade access has gone up since the last draft, which is frustrating. There is also a real need to address accountability issues around the reserves if Meat NZ retains them after the referendum. There is not much time left before the vote and Meat NZ still needs to do a lot of work.

“I encourage all farmers to attend the Meat NZ and SheepCo consultation meetings, to demand more information and be vocal about which activities they support.

“This is farmers' chance to be heard. Meat NZ and SheepCo must listen” Mr Corney concluded.

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