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Farmers flocking to Good Employer Seminars

A nation wide series of Good Employer seminars being co-sponsored by Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc) and the Employment Relations Service of the Labour Department is receiving outstanding support from farmers.

A Federated Farmers' presenter at the seminars, Bruce Cottrill, says that farmers and their employees have been welcoming the opportunity to up-skill themselves in managing their employment relationships, learning how to deal with conflict in the workplace and being updated on employment law.

The interactive six-hour seminars have a focus on establishing and maintaining employment relationships, with an aim of helping farmers derive maximum value from their employees' while at the same time providing an enjoyable and motivating work environment. The seminars are free and all are welcome to attend.

Mr Cottrill says that a process of selecting the right person for the right job, and then working with the employee in an inter-dependant way is a far better alternative than the hit and miss approach.

"At best this leads to a high turn over of staff, and at worst can lead to expensive and time consuming disputes."

The seminars are currently being conducted in the North Island, with Whangarei, Pukekohe, Hamilton and Taupo seminars scheduled for the last two weeks of June.

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